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Add Link Broker is a hosted application that helps webmasters manage links, and the process of exchanging links.

Add Link Broker is easy to use, but powerful, and solves most of the vexing problems that webmasters face in managing links to other sites, including:

Helps webmasters decide whether to link to a site or not, based on a "reputation" score that help you decide if this is a good site to link to, or if it's in what Google calls a "bad neighborhood." This also helps busy webmasters process the most important links first, using a built-in prioritization system.

Eliminates "link rot." Add Link Broker maintains an outbound link at the same URL, even if you decide to completely reorganize your directory. Webmasters never need to email you asking where their link went, just because you repaginated your link pages, or rearranged your categories as your directory grew.

Eliminates "link spam" by requiring webmasters to authenticate their link request.

Allows flexible one-way or multi-way linking so that webmasters with multiple sites can choose the most appropriate way to link to or from another site.

Allows linking between consenting adults. If you are authorized to use Add Link Broker, we won't set arbitrary limitations on the way you link to other sites. All of the sites added to Add Link Broker are quality sites, or they don't get added to our index. If you want to exchange links with any other quality site, please, be our guest. If you engage in linking patterns that Google or other search engines find undesirable, they can blacklist you. But although we make documentation on good linking practices available to our members, we don't play link police and tell you who you can or can't link to. That's your decision.

Here are some of the other things that Add Link Broker can do:

It automatically builds outbound links pages using standard industry classification codes

These pages can easily be made to match the style of your web site when they're generated

Sends you email notifications of incoming link requests if that option is set

Automates the process of notifying webmasters of the status of link requests

Add Link Broker also has all the standard interface components and features you would expect in a good link management system, including:

A form that webmasters use to request a link from your site

An administrative interface that makes it easy to review link requests

Add Link Broker is free, but available by invitation only.

The Internet is rife with link spam, and we created Add Link Broker as a way of separating the wheat from the chaff, and keeping up with the challenges of keeping thousands of links up to date, accurate and well-organized.

If you're interested in using Add Link Broker to manage your link exchange process, you can "ask for an invitation" by swapping links with us. We exchange links with quality sites, and really great sites are sure to get an invitation to use the program as well. Really great sites are measured not by size, or budget, or simply good graphics, but by our estimation of the value of the content, the quality of the presentation and whether we think that webmaster is sincerely doing a good job, or is just another huckster trashing up the Internet. Ultimately, it's a subjective judgment, but to paraphrase a Supreme Court Justice, we "know quality when we see it."

If you have a quality site, please ask for a link exchange. If you don't have a quality site, please don't bother. We review every site very carefully. We have a very low tolerance for crummy sites, and an itchy delete finger.